Shift Power for Peace Digital Fund

Type of project: This fund is designed to support access the digital tools needed to continue peace building work, even remotely, during the period of lockdown and restrictions brought about by COVID-19. This fund is primarily for the purchase of phone credit, basic equipment, software and other communications tools.

Location: selection is based on the 2019 Fragile State Index

Eligibility: Any individual, group or organization that meets the following criteria can apply: must be carrying out peace building work in a fragile or conflict affected country for a minimum of six months, defined as any activities that have a strong direct impact on peaceful outcomes in a community; must refuse to use violence or weapons in their work, and embraces the concept of non-violence, is engaging in locally or nationally focused work and must not be a branch of an international organization.

Grant size: Between $50 and $750. Total fund value is $100,000


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